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CSC3100 Assignment 4
Important Notes:
For example, a student “120000001” should submit a program named as “120000001_”.
You don't need to consider the consistency of class name and file name since we won't run
the code you submitted on the blackboard. File misnaming or no submission on the blackboard
will lead to 5 demerit points.
4. OJ website: If failed, please try
submission is accepted!
3. Please also submit your final program on the bb, and rename it as “
1. The assignment is an individual project, to be finished with one’s own effort.
2. The Submission deadline is 8pm Jul. 30, 2023 (Sunday). The deadline is tight. No late
” .
If you are off
the last submission will be used in evaluation of assignment marks.
campus, please use VPN to access the OJ.
5. Access code: csc3100assignment4
6. Each student is only permitted to submit code to OJ up to 50 times for each problem. Only
7. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden, regardless of the role in the process. Notably, ten consecutive
lines of identical codes are treated as plagiarism. Depending on the seriousness of the
plagiarism, 30%-100% of marks will be deducted.
arking Criterion:
1. The full score of the assignment is 100 marks.
2. We have one problem in this assignment with 5 test cases.
3. Zero mark is given if: there is no submission; a normal submission fails both test A and test B.
Running Environment:
1. The submissions will be evaluated in the course’s OJ system running Java SE version 17.
2. The submission is only allowed to import four packages of (java.lang.*; java.util.*; java.math.*;*) included in Java SDK. No other packages are allowed.
3. All students will have an opportunity to test their programs in the OJ platform prior to the
official submission.
Submission Guidelines:
1. Inconsistency with or violation from the guideline leads to marks deduction.
2. It is the students’ responsibility to read this assignment document and submission guidelines
carefully and in detail. No argument will be accepted on issues that have been specified clearly
in these documents.
hash crush
Input file: standard input
Output file: standard output
Time limit: 2 seconds
Memory limit: 128 megabytes
Little X gives you a sequence A and a corresponding hash function f(x). We define the length of A is n.
The hash function f(x) indicates that the i th element in A will be stored at the i%x th bucket. Now
little X wants to know the total sum of elements stored in one particular bucket.
To make the problem more interesting, he may also revise the element in A.
Formally, little X will give you m commands.
The first type of commands is A a b, means that little X wants to know the total sum of elements stored
in b th bucket under f(a).
The second type of commands is C a b, means that little X changes the a th element in A into b.
The first line contains two integers n, m(1 ≤ n, m ≤ 1000). The second line contains n integers, indicating
the original A(0 ≤ Ai ≤ 1000). The next m lines, each line contains a character cmd and two integers
a, b(0 ≤ a, b ≤ 100000). If cmd =0 A0
, this line is a 1st type command. If cmd =0 C
, this line is a 2nd
type command.
Every time you encounter with a 1st type command, output one line, indicating the answer.
standard input standard output
10 5
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
A 2 1
C 1 20
A 3 1
C 5 1
A 5 0
There are 5 testcases, 100 marks in total.
Testcase 1-5: 1 ≤ n, m ≤ 1000, 20 marks each.
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