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Lab Week #2
• Apply everything we learned.
• Get experience with C++ programming.
• Write a post-mortem report.
• Teamwork mandatory, groups 5-6 members (make sure all team members understand the source
• Use your preferred IDE (Visual Studio, JetBrains Rider, Xcode, Code::Block, etc.).
• Using code from Internet is not allowed.
• Comments your files with your ID.
Implements your own Social Network App Simulator in C++. Your application must have the following
• Registrer a User (Name, Address, Phone, Birthdate)
• A user can define contacts.
• A user can post messages and all users inside his contact list can see the messages.
• A user can delete or edit messages.
• A user can join and leave groups of users.
o Once in a group, a user has access to everything posted in the group.
o Once the user leaves the group, the user cannot access anymore.
• The system says, “Happy birthday!” to the user if he uses the application on his birthday date.
• Your application propose a menu to :
o Add/Remove/Edit/View users
o Add/Remove/Edit/View messages
o Add/Remove/Edit/View contact
o Add/Remove/Edit/Join/Exit/View groups.
• We can import and export the information stored into the App (suggestion: use JSON structure.
Bonus features:
• Save data into a database.
• Implements a graphical interface.
• Show graphs of connections between users.
What to submit
• The C++ files.
• A report including a Class diagram of your application and Post-Mortem of your project:
o Recap the project.
o Review your outcome.
 What contributed to the project’s success?
 What ran smoothly?
 What did you enjoy about the project?
 Identify what went well and what didn’t?
• What issues need to be addressed?
• How can the project flow be improved?
All in a .zip file.
Deadline 31th May.
Thank you!
Tag Note Comments
C++ 10 Mandatory
Report (Post-mortem) 5 Mandatory
UML Class Diagram 5 Mandatory
One bonus feature 5
Two bonus features 5
Three bonus features 10 (If you implement the graph
viewer feature)
Additional points will be added to your mark for the exam if you reach 20 to this project.
• https://en.cppreference.com/w/