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In this challenge, you will apply your knowledge of key performance indicators (KPIs) and dashboards to create a plan that tracks the performance of web properties for minority- and women-owned businesses.
As a product manager, you will often need to measure product performance in the market, as well as the impact of product changes or interventions like a targeted marketing campaign. To accurately judge the impact of change, you must create a baseline of key performance indicators that you track over time. In this challenge, you will create KPIs and Google Analytics dashboards. Knowing what and how to measure, and how to communicate changes and trends in KPIs are critical skills for a product manager.

You are a product manager for an angel investing firm that identifies women- and minority-owned businesses that would benefit from outside investment. Your task is to evaluate the digital presence of two businesses and determine KPIs appropriate for those websites. Choose two of these sites for your evaluation:
●The Sill (
● (Links to an external site.)
●Creamalicious (
● (Links to an external site.)
●Doux (The Doux Hair Products
● (Links to an external site.)
●Dude that Cookz (
● (Links to an external site.)
Google Analytics uses metrics from their merchandise store. For this assignment, create one dashboard for each website that reflects the KPIs you want to monitor. Use the Google Analytics Demo Account to create a dashboard for each of the companies you chose. The dashboards should include the KPIs you want to monitor. The angel investment firm will use your dashboards to show the companies what metrics they need to gather. It’s okay to use the same metrics or widgets in both dashboards.
You will need to create the following:
●A sample Google dashboard for each company's website, to demonstrate how Google Analytics can be used to track website performance.
○While we do not have data for these sites, you will create a sample dashboard using our Google Demo Store Account data.
●A Google Slides presentation with five key performance indicators (KPIs) for each website (10 KPIs total), and a rationale for why you chose each KPI.
1.Presentation in Google Slides
○Create one slide for each website you analyze (two slides total) that identifies the KPIs you are using to measure that site and your rationale for selecting each KPI.
○Each slide must include 5 KPIs, totaling 10 altogether.
2.Custom Dashboards
○For each website analyzed, create one custom Google Analytics dashboard to track the KPIs identified for the site. The dashboard should include:
■Three different formats (table, pie chart, geomap, etc.)
■Three different metrics
■Two different dimensions
○Note: Do not include real-time widgets on the dashboard. GA will not export these to a PDF file.
○Export the dashboard to a PDF file.
○Rename the PDF file to include your last name and the name of the website (e.g., LASTNAME.THESILL.pdf).
Material for Review
Need a refresher on the concepts covered in this challenge? Use the links below to review the relevant lesson content.

To submit your challenge assignment:
1.Click “Start Assignment” at the top of the page.
2.Choose the appropriate submission option.
○Create a new folder in your Google drive and name the folder: “LASTNAME.MODULE10CHALLENGE”
○Put all of your work in the same folder:
■Google Slides Presentation
■Two Custom Dashboard PDF files
○Choose the “Text Entry” option ONLY if you are skipping the weekly challenge. Indicate that you are skipping by typing, “I choose to skip this assignment” in the text box.
3.Click “Submit.”
4.NOTE: Once you submit your assignment, you’ll see the option to resubmit. If you choose to resubmit work, your latest work will override earlier submission(s).

You are allowed to miss one challenge assignment and still earn your certificate. If you complete all challenge assignments, your lowest grade will be dropped.